Why Only Choose The Purest CBD Oils

Cannabidiol Oil: What It Is

Cannabis or marijuana is known for two of its active components. The first is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the component that makes smokers ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ and the second component, is cannabidiol or CBD, which offers medicinal benefits without introducing a body or head high.

Both components are considered as cannabinoids and act in certain pathways in the human body. Cannabis products such as the purest cbd oils would mean that your CBD oil will only have CBD and very little to no THC.

What It Is For

The medicinal properties of cannabis have been known for quite a long time. However, the specific component of cannabis that makes it have medicinal benefits is CBD or cannabidiol, making the purest hemp cbd oil the perfect cannabis product for medication. Medical benefits include alleviation of chronic pain and inflammation.

Where It Comes From

But where does CBD or cannabidiol oil come from? Most people think that pure cbd oil comes from the same plant that marijuana comes from, meaning the Cannabis sativa. However, extracting CBD from the cannabis plant will result in oil with a low CBD content as most cannabis strains are bred to have a high THC content.

Therefore, the purest cannabidiol oils are extracted from the hemp plant. It is related to marijuana but is a different species with a different chemical makeup. As opposed to the marijuana plant, the hemp plant contains more CBD as compared to THC.

Looking for the purest oils begs the question what is the purest cbd oil on the market. Thankfully, one doesn’t need to go far in order to find them. They are easily available on online shops

What Makes It Pure

For CBD oil to be considered pure, it needs to be 100% pure cbd or in other words, it needs to only contain CBD and nothing else, not even THC. This means getting CBD oil from hemp plants as getting CBD oil from the cannabis plant will lead to low amounts of CBD and higher amounts of THC.

Another way for CBD oil to be considered pure is for it to be no additives cbd which means that it will only contain CBD with no additives such as flavorings or ethanol, though such additives are more common among CBD oil juices for vaping.

Why Only Choose The Purest

But why only choose the purest cbd oil instead of those with a lower CBD content? The latter would be cheaper as they wouldn’t need to be as refined as the pure oils. However, when it comes to its effectiveness, the purest oils would be more effective and will take effect faster than those which aren’t as pure.

If you don’t have the budget for the best pure cbd oil on the market, oils with a high CBD content will also be fine. Of course, they won’t be as effective or act as fast as the pure oils but by no means are they ineffective, making it a perfect alternative for pure oils.