Can Pure CBD Oil Cure Your Insomnia?

Sleeping disorders like insomnia have been one of the most underrated afflictions that plagues millions of Americans each year. According to research, approximately 60 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder. What makes it worse is that there’s no standard cure for this disorder, which meant that plenty of people are suffering the debilitating effects of a sleepless night.

Fortunately, there are few documented clinical researches that proves using 100% pure cbd oil can help those who are suffering from insomnia to get a good night’s sleep.

Insomnia: What Causes People to Spend Sleepless Nights
In medical terms, insomnia is both a psychiatric and medical condition which are triggered by any of the following: unhealthy sleeping habits, abuse of specific substances, and other biological factors.

People who have medical conditions like allergies, endocrine problems, asthma, chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, and neurological disorders like Parkinson’s are more likely to suffer insomnia. Insomnia can also be a symptom of an underlying disease. For example, those who are suffering from restless leg syndrome have the high probability of spending sleepless nights. Experts also found a direct link between insomnia and depression. It was found that psychological difficulties like depression is likely caused by hormonal imbalance, which inadvertently affects the sleep cycle of a depressed individual.

How the Purest Hemp CBD Oil Treat Your Insomnia
There’s a variety of reasons why people use pure CBD oil. However, treating sleeping disorders like insomnia has always been one of the major causes why people willingly purchase this product. CBD is a chemical compound that is usually extracted either from cannabis or industrial hemp. Although it was not known back then, the purest CBD oil has been used for medicinal purposes all throughout the century.

Unlike THC (another cannabinoid also found in cannabis), CBD has the advantage of not being addictive since it does cause feelings of euphoria. During the recent years, there’s a lot of attention being given to medical and clinical research on the effects of the purest CBD oils on the human body. It’s anti-inflammatory properties coupled with its ability to reduce anxiety are great factors in helping people who suffered from insomnia to sleep better. It is also the said that the best CBD oil can have some positive effects on the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for the body’s homeostatic functions.

What is the purest cbd oil?
It is virtually impossible to extract the purest cannabidiol oils by yourself. In most cases, you need to purchase a no-additives CBD from a reputable supplier. Otherwise, you might end up with a product that is only masquerading as pure CBD, but is actually tainted with some trace amounts of THC.

This is highly undesirable since THC is regulated by government institutions and might not be completely legal for use. On the other hand, you won’t find the same problems with pure CBD oil as its purchase and use is already made legal in all 50 states.

In what ways can CBD oil improve the quality of your sleep?
It helps people suffering from either chronic or acute pain get their rest. Pain management is a bit tricky since the normal medications that are usually prescribed to treat such affliction are either too expensive or highly addictive. The fact that there is an ongoing opioid epidemic that is sweeping the United States is a testament of how seriously flawed the pain management system in the country.

Fortunately, natural remedies like CBD oil is widely available in the market. You can purchase it in legal dispensaries or online, depending on your shopping preference. Unlike opioids (which tricks the patient into thinking there’s no pain), CBD oil actually targets the epicenter of pain and reduces the inflammation, thus giving immediate pain relief to the patient. Of course, without feeling the usual pains, patients will be able to sleep better and longer.

Reduces the instances of REM sleep
REM (short for Rapid Eye Movement) is one of the five established sleep phases. It is an event where your eyes move rapidly in various directions because of a vivid dream, hence the name.

Though dreaming is not exactly a bad thing, there are some people who are rather easily disturbed with such occurrence. In this case, using purest hemp cbd oil can help them calm their nerves and give them a night of dreamless sleep. In fact, many cannabis users have already lost their ability to have dreams while sleeping.

Don’t worry though, using CBD oil won’t let you lose that ability fully. If you take specific dosage of CBD oil during the nights that you cannot sleep, then it wouldn’t affect your ability to dream on nights when you can sleep on your own.

Sleep faster
If you are one of those people who lie awake for hours before sleep can get to them, then you should consider trying CBD oil. According to a clinical study, CBD oil can actually help decrease the amount of time that insomniacs waste while trying to fall asleep.

This is because this chemical helps reduce anxiety and slows down your thought process, which in turn, helps your body calm down. When the body and mind are both calm, it is also easy to just fall asleep.

Reduces anxiety disorders
As frequently mentioned, CBD offers soothing effects to those suffering from anxiety disorders like PTSD (Post Traumatic Disorder). PTSD is different from ordinary anxiety in a sense that they are more likely to experience REM, which often leads to insomnia. The natural sedatives that are often found in pure CBD oil helps lessen the feelings of stress that that patient feels. The positive benefit of this is that the patient can enjoy a night of dreamless, and stress-free sleep.

How much CBD oil should you take to treat insomnia?
The usual dosage is 1 to 2 drops of CBD oil. However, this wholly depends on a number of factors. It is best to consult a physician that has an experience in prescribing CBD oil to get the right amount of dosage that will work for you.