Hemp Oil with CBD Can Treat Epilepsy

Many have welcomed the latest announcement about the use of cannabis-based medications for people who are suffering from epileptic seizures. Since June 27, 2018 expert panels have started accepting applications in the hope for a safe and appropriate outcome to validate the theory related to the use of cannabis oil or hemp oils with cbd.

Understanding cannabis oil

Cannabis Plant has many components the most known of which is the cannabinoids or CBD-cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is the CBD that has many health benefits while THC is that component that makes a person high commonly manifested with the use of marijuana. Marijuana is that cannabis plant that has both CBD and THC. However, there is another cannabis plant that contains more of the CBD and a very minimal amount of THC, and that is the hemp plant.

Industrial hemp oil and its legality

This industrial hemp plant is processed where the juice is extracted using the CO2 extraction method and combined with oil. This is the commonly sold product of the CBD oil from industrial hemp. It is considered legal on the federal state level across the 50 states and in most developed countries.

What is in CBD to treat epileptic seizures?

CBD or cannabidiol has anticonvulsant properties that can decrease seizures through the activation of the brain’s CB1 receptors. These CB1 receptors are found within the nervous system and in the memory-related area of the brain. This has made CBD medication provides the necessary benefits that a conventional-pharmaceutical treatment cannot seem to deliver.

Latest Status

That is the reason why hemp oil with CBD treatments for seizures is gaining supporters in the role of medical practitioners who promotes the legal access of this medicine all throughout the USA area. There are however certain states in the US that have legalised the use and procurement of CBD oil from industrial hemp for medical reasons.